Services We Offer

We specialize in repairing all things marine

Screen Repair

Our specialized repair team can diagnose and repair hatteland displays. We can also completely remanufacture unusable displays.

Bridge Instrument Repair

Our team can diagnose and repair any navigational instrument malfunction.

Monitoring System Repair

Our team can diagnose and repair your monitoring system or replace it.

Wi-Fi/Internet Installation

We perform advanced networking installations where reliability and speed is a must.

Power Supply Repair

Our hardware engineers can repair any kind of marine power supplies.

Engine PCB Repair

Our lab is fully equipped for advanced PCB repair and diagnosis.

Marine Systems Overhaul

Our team can design and implement or improve existing marine control systems

Remote Control Repair/Installation

Our team can install or modify any kind of remote control systems according to your needs.

PLC Repair

Our hardware engineers can diagnose and repair PLC malfunctions.

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